Heart-to-Heart Community Building – Friday Night Events

Location: Gibsons/ Roberts Creek, BC

Please call RoseMarie or David  in advance to reserve a spot: 604-886-0840

Heart-to-Heart Community Building refers to a facilitated group process wherein participants experience and practice communication skills that create the possibility for deep human connection, both with the self and the other.  The objective is to learn how to build circles of trust, and provide an opportunity for self-development through relationships with others.  For more details on the full 16-20 hour workshop please visit: In-depth Understanding document.

An Evening of Heart to Heart:

The objective of the Friday Evening Heart-to-Heart events is to provide a format for sharing deep, authentic communication and to open spaces for acceptance and love. This format supports the human being’s natural ability to both speak and listen, honestly and actively, from the heart.  The potential for shared and even unity consciousness is ever-present.  Come experience a taste of true community in this 2-3 hour event.  All are welcome.  A donation to help cover expenses will be gratefully accepted.

For those new to the Community Building process, or who have yet to attend a pre-workshop introductory talk, please contact RoseMarie or David at 604-886-0840. Also, it is recommended that anyone new to the process read the in-depth description at http://holistic-pharmacist.com/heart-to-heart-communication-2/in-depth-understanding/.

These events are held in the heart of Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. For more details on the process please visit the “In-depth Understanding” section.