Gluten Digest-Zyme

Gluten Digest-Zyme

Prairie Naturals Gluten Digest-Zyme is a digestive aid capsule that:gluten digest zyme from Prairie Naturals

  • Helps digest gluten and dairy proteins
  • Positively changes the way your bowels work
  • Corrects one of the most common causes of constipation-inadequate protein digestion
  • Contains Actazin™ , a potent proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme
  • Has been clinically shown to provide rapid and reliable constipation relief
  • Increases frequency and ease of bowel movements
  • Reduces bowel transit time
  • Normalizes consistency and volume of stool
  • Includes therapeutic levels of six select enzyme blends for relieving constipation
  • Prevents gas and bloating

Non-GMO | 100% Vegan |  Vegi Caps | Gluten Free

Available in 60 & 120 Vegan Capsules

gluten digest zyme from Prairie Naturals
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